Stain Removal Sydney

header-stain-removal1For those more stubborn spots in your carpet and upholstery, we offer our stain removal service. This process removes stains derived from various beverages, makeup, rust, blood, food and a host of other common sources. Prior to performing this service, our trained technicians will assess the stained area and advise you of the likeliness of removal.

We have an arsenal of cleaning products designed to treat pet stains and pet odours. We can handle almost any pet odour or pet stain accident, whether it is a one-time problem or a repeat one. We don’t mask the problem with useless deodorizers, which only cover up the problem temporarily. We actually go to the source of the problem and remove the bacteria, which is the cause of the offending odour.

We use the latest technology and cleaning solutions to tackle even the toughest pet problems. We do everything possible to thoroughly remove the stain or odour to save your carpet from having to be replaced.