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Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is recommended as the only acceptable method of carpet cleaning by every major carpet manufacturer. The benefit of high flow and high heat is that it cuts way down on the amount of cleaning solutions used in the process and promotes cleaner carpet that dries faster. By cutting down on the cleaning solutions we can ensure that not only do your carpets look amazing but they will continue to look amazing, Your carpets collect dust, dirt, pollen and thousands of microorganisms like dust mites etc.

Our cleaners are experienced in stain removal and protection of your textile flooring areas and able to provide service for both household and commercial properties. Our pricing philosophy is simple, we want to provide our customers with the absolute best cleaning available at a price they can afford. T we provide the absolute best service possible on every single job.

Home Maid Clean is dedicated to providing Steam Carpet Cleaning services. Every Steam Carpet Cleaning process includes vacuum of the carpets, pre-treating of tough stains and soils, deep scrub and steam cleaning. Our Steam Carpet Cleaning process will remove the most difficult stains leaving your carpets clean and the whole housing smelling fresh.

Carpet Cleaning in Sydney

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